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Dietary + Allergy Management - Steelers Events

Today, planning a catering menu for an event is not an easy task - with many guests with identified food intolerances, dietary restrictions, and special requests. This can be a challenge for us all, however, the culinary team at Steelers are experienced in the management of dietary and allergies.

We can still provide them with a well-balanced and safe menu plan without having to make any major changes to the final menu served to the remaining guests invited to your event.

Since catering to a number of dietary restrictions takes time, it's ideal to plan well in advance and send out your dietary enquiries to guests well in advance.

Our goal together is to deliver a memorable experience for everyone at your event

To make this a reality for all event stakeholders, we simply can't be caught off-guard at the last minute with special requests and dietary demands that we are unable to deliver safely.

We suggest you simply ask your guests via e-mail or over the phone if they have any special dietary requirements, while explaining to them that the need for such information is to enable us to plan the menu for your event.

Our culinary team at Steelers have invested time to learn about specific dietary restrictions which will help in creating dishes that will be served at events such as yours.

Raw Veganism

Raw veganism is a dietary restriction that combines veganism and raw foodism. individuals under this diet excludes all animal products and do not consume foods that are cooked above 48 degrees celsius.


Veganism is a diet philosophy where all animal products are excluded from the diet. including milk, dairy and eggs.


Vegetarianism is a food philosophy where people only follow a plant-based diet with strict exclusion of meat and fish products.

Soy Intolerant

Soy-free diets are for individuals with known sensitivity to soy products. This commonly occurs in children, who develop symptoms when they ingest soy milk, tofu, soy protein and other commercial food ingredients derived from soy.

If you have an upcoming event and want to discuss dietary restrictions and special menu creation, give us a call today or request a face to face with our executive chef and events team.

The team at Steelers are dedicated to producing quality, healthy and safe food for the clients we serve.